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Coloured Felt Sheets →
We stock a wide colour selection of 30% Wool 70% Viscose Felt Sheets size 23cm x 23cm (9" x 9"). Ideal for your craft projects.
Kunin Rainbow Felt Sheets →
Kunin Rainbow Felt Sheets are made from 'eco - fi' polyster fibre which use recycled bottles. We stock a wide range of colours. Ideal for all your craft projects.
Kunin Embossed Felt Sheets →
Kunin Embossed Felt Sheets made from Polyester Fibres. In Blue, Fuchsia, Grape, & Violet.. Try something a little different for your crafting projects!
Glitter Felt Sheets →
Glitter Felt Sheets 12" x 9". In a choice of colours. Add a little sparkle to your crafting projects!
Kunin Patterned Felt Sheets →
We stock a range Kunin Patterned Felt Sheets, including hearts, flowers dots and swirls in different colours. Made from Polyester fibre.
Kunin Self Adhesive Felt Sheets →
Kunin Presto Self Adhesive Felt Sheets made from recycled Polyester fibre. Red, Green, Blue, Brown and Black. Size 12" x 9" (30 x 22cm)
Felt Sheets
Kunin Rainbow Felt - Gold
Kunin Rainbow Felt - Olive